Impact & Social Mission Opportunities

Investing can be more than just risk and returns. Your assets can
provide important support for causes you care about

Our world is experiencing dramatic social, political, and environmental changes. Many of our client families want to take advantage of opportunities for sustainable investment strategies that make a social impact. They want to use their wealth to drive positive change that aligns with their personal values and passions. We have access to professionals and funds that target mission-related investments while also offering market-like rates of return.

We take the time to understand each client family’s values, goals, and principles to create an investment program that achieves their personal mission. We help them adjust their portfolios to focus on specific impacts, such as supporting humane treatment of animals or addressing the homelessness crisis. In addition, our real estate team has helped acquire properties for families specifically interested in preserving wilderness or creating a carbon offset. We also have helped establish and manage several private foundations that address social and environmental issues such as climate change, workplace diversity, and the health of the oceans.

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