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MCM Webinars – Gaining an Edge: Emerging Trends in Private Markets

MCM Managing Director Christine Kaming Tomas facilitates a conversation with Managing Director of Investment Research Bart Earley, CFA and Senior Investment Analyst Lorry Delille, CFA.

The Commercial Real Estate Landscape – Navigating Today’s Crosscurrents

The Commercial Real Estate Landscape – Navigating Today’s Crosscurrents

For more than three years, the United States economy has been working through a massive set of disruptions related to the COVID pandemic, the subsequent policy responses, and the second-order effects of those responses including a spike in inflation, interest rate volatility, evolving living and working patterns, and accelerating technological innovation. These disruptions have touched nearly all aspects of our daily lives with significant reverberations throughout the real estate industry. Real estate is inherently cyclical and highly dependent on capital markets and debt for liquidity. Commercial real estate in particular has seen tremendous impacts from these recent disruptive forces. Transaction volume initially dropped and subsequently skyrocketed during the pandemic as stimulus and historically low interest rates drove investors into any assets offering positive yields. As a result, valuations increased as investors drove pricing higher in auction processes. Rents, particularly in the apartment and industrial sectors, increased substantially due to strong...